Austin Furtography provides on-location pet photography in the Austin area.

Meet Dan


First came the camera, then came the dog. A love for pet photography was inevitable. 

Dan became enamored with photography after starting a travel blog.  As he made his way around the world, he wanted to be a better photographer and started taking classes at the Austin School of Photography.  Around the time he finished one of his classes, he and his wife, Michelle, decided it was time to adopt a dog. Coco was adopted when she was around 5 months old from Love-A-Bull, an Austin based Pitbull rescue. When Coco came along, she naturally became a subject of many of his photos.  It wasn't long before photographing dogs because more than a hobby and Austin Furtography was created.  

Today Dan provides pet photography capturing dogs' personalities and capturing the bound between man and their furry companions both in home, at their favorite park and at a local events.